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Word, and I've said my worst word
and nothing to say, to say about (it)
my birthday was surreal
I get my feet wet

sure, I know I'm in a rush
and I need one minute to think twice
surprises: my nice flusters
evolution in one night

first one: I wonder, what is worth sex?
second one: answers, are not ready yet!

words don't come, come slow
about steal-show
you' re getting getting low

in a low voice, get started on
toilet paper is getting low

love, perhaps perhaps will come
but then it' s a matter of trust
like children calling friends to parties
on their birthday, sure! they will come

And so I wonder: what (it) means to be "friends"

do you hear that low hum!

I'm sure
that I don't want
(to) steal the show, so calm down
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