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Cry baby

Oh, it's okay to be
A little broken and beat
But I'm alright with that
You're with me, relax
And you call it weak
Baby, you're just unique
Come out of the black
Never hold it back
You got such sad eyes, turn blue to
And it hurts me to see you hurt this
Oh, go on and cry, baby, crybaby
'Cause you don't have to keep it inside
(just cry, just cry)
Go on and cry, baby, crybaby
And there's no reason you got to hide
(just cry, just cry)
A real man shows his feelings
Tears they can be healing
And I can be your savior tonight
So go on and cry, baby, crybaby
Just cry
You keep coming home drunk
And I don't know what's up
You can talk to me
Spare those whiskey dreams
Don't have to man up
That phrase kinda sucks
Let yourself be free
And open up to me
You got…
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