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Hold on

They’re breaking our hearts
Breaking our dreams
Building a wall between us
We gotta be strong
Gotta believe
Cause baby we share that something
We’ll be on the run
We come undone
Baby we’re reaching for the sun
We ain’t gonna die
We ain’t gonna cry
Together we’ll find our paradise - for you and I
We just got to…
Hold on - hold on - hold on - hold on
We got more than a million dreams
I’ll be your king and you’ll be my queen
We just got to hold on…baby
We’ll be alright
It’s gonna be fine
Nothing can come between us
There’s a fire inside
An eye for an eye
Nobody can break this feeling
And we never gonna give it up
We will never ever gonna stop
I know it’s gonna be alright
Building a castle of love tonight - for you and I
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