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Artist, author and composer Edwin Orellana Zuleta, alias Eddy Ciuno born on August 17, 1979 in San Miguel (El Salvador). When he was a child, he lived with his grandmother in Central America, where it grows his love for the music of different genres, not only Latin, but also boleros, techno, Eros Ramazzotti. Julio Iglesias, Luis Miguel, Pavarotti, etc.. In 1994 he was forced to leave his country, due to a civil war and he settled in Milan with his mother. At school he soon discovers his passion for hip hop culture and music. He began his cultural exchange with his teachers, in classes of music in middle school, but unaware of his musical skills, he approached music mainly by listening. In the first contact with the music in its entirety, he could appreciate any kind of music, recognizing the capabilities of the different artists. (Vasco, 2pac, ligabue, elisa, pausini, etc.) As a boy has started to work and live alone very soon and in his spare time he joined a group of street artists, called ?group of the little wall?. There he was influenced by street styles, breakers, graffiti artists and rappers. They always meet in the center of the city, near the Cathedral at Milan, where Eddy Ciuno was living, moving from a shared apartment to another. He experienced hip hop dance and drawings, but his best attitude revealed to be stronger in his songs, surely with rap and he started writing and singing songs very young. His life as an immigrant was difficult in these years without the support of his family and this let him live heavy moments, with ups and downs, with periods in which he could have it all, to others where he had almost nothing. To face an hard reality made him grow up faster. As a young man, he was working in a print studio for the city administration and he succeed to obtain the concession of spaces for murals for the street boys of his group, who attributed him his name of art, CIUNO. The first television appearance of Ciuno was on Network A in All Music in 2002 in a rap competition and then he was chosen as the commentator to present new books by ?99 Posse? and ?Pari e Dispari? from a tv show called Zelig. In 2005 Eddy Ciuno recorded a self-produced CD and he dedicated himself to the experimentation of live performances in some club in Milan. In 2009 Ciuno Eddy writes his most beautiful lyrics, from which comes his first album as yet unpublished, also the first that has been recorded in studio till now. He's already a good relationship of friendship and respect with the owners of Bluescore Entertainment: of Milan, Marco Leo and Sergio Rigamonti (www.bluescore.it). Leo is also a talented guitarist and he will play then the guitar in some songs and in the same year Ciuno has deposited all his songs and rights in Siae. Eddy Ciuno believes that music should be universal and be heard in all languages. The contents are the main focus, but despite not understanding all words, you can as well enjoy the atmosphere, the sound, the rhythm, etc.. For this reason and for don't forget his roots, Eddy Ciuno writes both in Spanish and Italian, with the plan to continue experimenting with other languages too. Between the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 he recorded and published his first video Title: MORIREI PER TE. Location: Castello Sforzesco in Milan. Initially his permit application to record inside the Castle was rejected. This authorization has never been granted to any other singer before, not even for classic music. His works should be always original and also for this reason Eddy Ciuno had since years this dreams to make of his first music video inside the Castle of Milan and for its great historical and artistic heritage. Ciuno did not give up and managed to contact the chief manager, who was curious to hear his song and this was the first success. Finally he manages to convince the chief to let him record inside the Castle his video clip and he has been allowed to access to the reserved rooms of this great location. He was always followed by two guardians of the castle, due to the big value of paintings and various masterpieces collected inside the museum and of course by his cameraman. Eddy achieves more than a dream at once recording his first video inside the Castle of Milan, as he was thinking about since he was a child. While writing MORIREI PER TE he was inspirated by the loss of two young friends and reflections on the theme of death and on his everyday street life as a boy grown up alone, without his family. He was also influenced by his difficult experiences, by his remembering of deaths during the civil war and of a shocking big heartquake in his homeland. Eddy Ciuno dedicated this song to the best people, to those persons who gave more support to the artist from childhood till today. Now his video has over 3600 views, as you can have a look on youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UHeFSAD9e8 In 2011 Eddy Ciuno was chosen to partecipate to a Music Contest sponsored by the national newspaper ?IL GIORNO? throughout all the country. Many groups and soloists partecipate to this competition and Ciuno presented MORIREI PER TE and he received many votes by the public in the web and by the jury as he reached 9th place. He was also interviewed and appeared in that newspaper as young hip hop author. In 2012 after finishing filming his new video of an Italian-Spanish song, Ciuno is dedicated to new projects, workshops, competitions and live performances. Five of his songs were played for more than one year by a web radio, but also others national radios are now opening to play his songs. In July he performed his song DELUDENTE TU for more than 300 persons with big success. He also partecipates to a music competition with a new song in October and recived high scores expecially for his voice, look and standing on the stage. 2012 is a year of confirmation and his video of MORIREI PER TE is been chosen by NME online magazine (FIRST FOR MUSIC NEWS)

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