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Down life's page

Oh that line in the sand
Straight as an arrow
On one side it’s won’t
The otherside is you can
It’s so hard to deny
What you crave from this life
But a fool couldn’t miss
What is right there before his eyes
Some try to hide
Some try to face it
But who will figure out just what will save us
Down life’s pages
On this deadly path
Where we fight for survival
And justify it all
In our own defense
Some of us under the sheets
With the rest of the lovers
While the world around us
Spins in suicidal bliss
Some try to hide...
It’s a one way street
We drive blind down this road
And the world, it bleeds
From the overload
Are we sheep taking flight
Or do we grab ahold?
And try to save it
And somewhere on this lonely street
Without a single sound
We’ve got to figure out
Just what can save us
Down life’s pages
Some try to hide...
It’s my life
It’s your life
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