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The world's best hope

My eyes, see emptiness, see loneliness,
In those faraway corners of our world
My heart, cries helplessness,
cries common sense,
tragedy all around
Still I feel the pull of purpose
Hold sacred’our gift of life
But every minute divides
In the race we collide,
Something’s gotta make it right
The World’s best Hope
Is in what our children believe
The World’s best Hope
Is to teach them what it means to be free
In their innocence, the simplicity
Now that time has been lost
We have all paid the cost
The World’s best Hope
My arms, once held my new born son,
My baby girl, oh to bottle that love
I was complete, as if the universe
had opened up
and gathered us all as one
With a sense of immortality
An awareness coming alive
When the day is done,
when the time has come
I’ve learned love carries the will to survive
The World’s best Hope ..
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