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Face off

They gon' take yo' face off

Spirit of a lion, describes my soul
Give it up to Zion then my fire grows
Wishing of a riot inside my lob
Am I trippin'? Is the highest when I fright my foes?
Dip I'ma hit 'em with this, you 'bout to get yo' ass kicked
My technique is so sick, I'm 'bout to make the hit quick
Whole lotta muscle, you don't wanna be in a tussle
Better than me? That's rubble, you want trouble, what's up though
Feelin' hot to kill a top guerilla, drop and kneel to pops, I grilled the opp
For real, ya clock it yield and stop, ya will is hot the deal was knock ya 'til ya plop
I got the hell comin' yo way, you softer than a thing of Yoplait
Never comp?titive with the bett?r kid I go cray', gonna be deaded because I fed it to the mo' graves
When you wake up in that wet blood, ain't no way you 'bout to get up
How you know that I taxed yo' ass 'cause you got the motherfuckin' check, stub
Always gonna have to pay cost when you steppin' in my way boss
When I build steel and you stay soft, you gonna punk out when we face off

They gon' take your face off
They gon' rumble
They gon' take your face off
They gon' rumble
They gon' take yo' face off
They gon' rumble
They gon' take yo' face off
They gon'—

Rumble there, young man, they rumble
Run up get a combo quickly help you understand, but stay humble
Don't nobody wanna talk about the way of the world, the weight of the world'll make 'em all crumble and I might stumble
But I pick myself up brush myself off my thoughts of a goddamn boss
I am at they neck like I'm Malcolm X, like I'm Dr. King, like I'm Cornell West
Like I'm Huey P., like I'm Booker T., like I'm Rosa Parks, I'ma need my rest
Niggas know what I'm 'bout I'll run up in yo' house, feet up all on your couch sock you right in your mouth
I ain't after no clout, it could really go south, I'm prepared to go to battle whenever there is a 'bout
I am Muhammad
Ali I'm payin' the homage, policy is to be honest
I take it beyond it though, I can relate to ebonics and really I hate to be ominous
All of your hate is too obvious, I am the hustle the muscle, I play for the audience
I am a gangster with knowledge, if you wanna enter the ring, I would hate to be opposite
Jab with the right, jab with the left, jab with the right, now you got 'em all staggerin'
He gon' come back with the right, back with the left, that's when you step to the side now dagger
You gon' be damned if you do damned if you don't bastard I'm like Cassius my swagger
It really don't matter pardon, I'm hardened lawless the Martian Kickin' that jargon

They gon' take yo' face off
They gon' rumble
They gon' take yo' face off
They gon' rumble
They gon' take yo' face off
They gon' rumble
They gon' take yo' face off
They gon'—

Barber cape off how I'm giving the fade
Based off the description I gave
Cut the game off, I'm a Street Fighter, beat breaks off like the whip on the stage
Hand out ass whippings, my plate haters ate off, yeah, get Hitler a steak
It'a be Chaos like emerald chase, when I face off in a Nicolas - Cage
Yeah, I'm living in rage punch a pussy niggas, like I'm fisting his babe
I was sitting in the 'spital, going mental doc had told me they'll forget me, but they didn't, I remember them days
And I don't wanna be Batman, nigga, I'm Bane
Literally how the venom enters my veins
Since a little one, Killa really been sick in the brain and the more I think about it my life was Twisted, wait
Reminiscing on when mom and dad would wonder why they couldn't reach 'em like they didn't have my number
Fighting for my sanity, I never had it hunger, put a nigga underground quick that's a bunker
Shock 'em like I'm Master's brother, better pick your battles busters halfway under
Hit more times than acupuncture when it comes to rumbling I'm Afro thunder
Really it be funny when I kick it to you dummies how I'm grippin' on this iron when I'm rhyming on the mic
Because it really will get bloody like I'm kicking it with buddies when I beat a nigga up like I was Iron nigga Mike
I tell 'em, they don't wanna tussle when I'm at 'em they gon' drop
Bet you that he stumble when I jab 'em then I cross
Leave a nigga Humble, like Damn when Kenny dropped 'cause really we can rumble like Jackie in the Bronx
We gon'—

They gon' take yo' face off
They gon' rumble
They gon' take yo' face off
They gon' rumble
They gon' take yo' face off
They gon' rumble
They gon' take yo' face off

It's about tribe, it's about power
We stay hungry, we devour
Put in the work, put in the hours and take what's ours
Black and Samoan in my veins, my culture bangin' with Strange
I change the game so what's my motherfuckin' name (Rock)
(What they gonna get though?)
Desecration, defamation, if you wanna bring it to the masses
Face to face now we escalatin' when I have to put boots to asses
Mean on ya' like a dream when I'm rumblin', you're gonna scream, "Mama"
So bring drama to the king Brahma (Then what?), comin' at ya' with extreme mana (Ahoo, ahoo, ahoo)

Thank you brother Tech N9ne
Thank you Teremana
One take, that's a wrap

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