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The great fall of man

We can walk across the desert...sail the seas
We can rule the world and tame our destiny
The price we pay for death
In shallow waters we run aground

Move on now, the sun is setting
On all that is left undone
Awaiting the final wake up call
Just to fall asleep again

Live for tomorrow, die today
The lies that feed us are leading you astray
Worshiping the holiness of mankind
Close your eyes and leave it all behind

Power of depravity, killing you within
Leaders lie and children die in this mean machine

Worshiping the hollowness of mankind
Close your eyes and leave them all behind

Time after time...
We keep resisting
Time of redemption...shall come in the end
We'll heed the warning
Lead us from slavery...
We cry

How long can we go on this way? when will we ever be true?
And how can we justify our deeds...
When all we've have accomplished for two thousand years...
Is raping and killing, wounding and stealing
The tower of Babel higher we climb
Cloning humanity, blindfolding God
Heaven's on sale now, just pay with ten faithless souls

In the name of religion we slay

Burning the candle, sooner then we think, it's coming to an end
Rush through the moments, do not look behind
You might just feel the need to breathe
Inhale the poison, pumping through your veins indoctrinated
Stay through the dark night, when the morning comes
You'll be rewarded...scarred for life...

Try to rise above it all...again
One more time we crash and burn
One way out is all that's offered here
Trust the machine, hold on to it's promises

Move on now, the sun is setting
On all that is left undone
Awaiting the final wake up call
Just to fall asleep again...

Live for tomorrow and die today
No room for questions on our way...

As long as this moment is not the end, I remain alive
Tomorrow I will pray for the ones who did not survive
Tell me all who made it... and show me all who fell
Upon the clouds of heaven... into the fires of hell
Distant light beyond our vision, yet so beautiful
Inminent night, darker than the depths that evil revealed
Gently picking up the pieces of this shattered dream
I place the broken puzzle into blood stained hands
From the safety in the distance... I watch the great fall of man

Time after time
Time of redemption shall come in the end...
Lead us from slavery
We cry...after time...
Time of redemption shall come in the end...
Lead us from slavery...
We cry.....

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Narnia is a group formed in 1996. Their discography includes Enter the Gate, Desert Land, Awakening, Decade of Confession and The Great Fall. Their most popular genre is Progressive Metal.

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